Willow and Zach

"We are so glad we found Cindi to perform our handfasting wedding ceremony! She met with us, connected with our story, and made our handfasting so unique and special. It was such a powerful and truthful moment for both of us. So many of our friends and relatives spoke to us during the reception, inspired to learn more about handfasting, and taking the time to tell us how deeply they connected with Cindi's honest words. But it wasn't all TOO serious either! Cindi managed to reflect our silliness and even included our two little canine family members! We loved working with Cindi!"

Thanks again!
- willow and zach!

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Tamala and Hailstorm

"Married life is great!! Thank you again! The service was absolutely beautiful! I am so happy that you were available to bless us on our special day!

Thanks again Cindi! We appreciate all that you did for us."

Tamala and Hailstorm

Matthew and Brittany

​"Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts! You went above and beyond, driving up the winding roads, standing on top of a mountain, and delivering the most beautiful ceremony! I know it was special for us and for Noah too.

Thank you again, we are extremely appreciative,"

Brittany, Matthew and Noah

In the springtime of the year and thoughts turn to love. To the Celts, and certainly to all people past and present, courtship leading to marriage is one of the great rites of passage in human life. The time when one joins with another, when two come together to make one, is a rich fracas of destiny - both personal and otherwordly. Throughout time there have evolved any number of traditions and rituals designed to ensure the health, wealth and fertility of a betrothed couple.
Unlike the sometimes elaborately orchestrated weddings which take place today, our ancestors were often sealed together in a simple, natural ceremony called HANDFASTING...
Handfasting is a betrothal or wedding ritual in which the couple's clasped hands are tied together by a cord or ribbon — hence the phrase "tying the knot".  More and more, this ancient and richly spiritual tradition has found it's place with couples today who wish to be united in love and life with a Handfasting ceremony

Susan and Steven​

​I felt like my picking Cindi for our wedding, out of so many other choices, was guided by the same awesome force that led me to my husband. I can't imagine our wedding being as wonderful as it was with anyone else! Cindi's warmth and humor were integral to the fun, simple wedding we had in our living room. She felt like a member of our family through the whole event; it was a magical evening!

At Love Bound, we take your wedding ceremony worries off your shoulders but never out of your hands.


That starts with a personal consultation where we get to know the two of – your style, your stories. Then we combine meticulous planning with impeccable attention to detail to plan the wedding ceremony or handfasting of your dreams. Which leaves you free to relax and enjoy the most important day of your lives.


We offer religion-neutral ceremonies, handfastings and same-sex weddings.  Contact us today for more information!

Just a few happy couples...

Spokane, Washington

Love Bound Handfasting

MY DEAR FRIENDS.  It is time for me to retire!   As of 4/21/2019, I am no longer accepting new clients for officiant services.
Thank you to all of my wonderful customers over the past 17 years! It has been an honor and a pleasure.  

Amanda and Ian

"Our officiant, a close friend, was called out of town rather urgently 2 weeks prior to our wedding; EEK! When I contacted Cindi, I knew we were in good hands! Her sensitivity and calm demeanor were a saving grace. She took the time to get to know us and learn our story and what our vision was for marking this chapter in our life. She was very supportive of our varied family back grounds. Cindi crafted the perfect ceremony honoring Ian's Scottish heritage, and did not flinch at my family's secular traditions. And her timely reminder about obtaining our marriage license saved the day!"

Ian and Amanda Gibbons